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Weezer offered $10 million to break up

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I’ve heard of haters, but James Burns decided to take it to a whole new level with his distaste for Weezer.

Tuesday, Burns posted a pledged on to raise $10 million to give to Weezer if they will break up. The site asks everyone who bought “Pinkerton” to donate $12 to meet the goal in hopes that Weezer will just go away.

No, this is not a joke.

Burns, who admits he has never been a fan of the band, writes:

“Every year, Rivers Cuomo swears that he’s changed, and that their new album is the best thing that he’s done since “Pinkerton,” and what happens? Another pile of crap like “Beverly Hills” or “I’m Your Daddy. This is an abusive relationship, and it needs to stop now.”

Weezer seems to be taking the offer in stride.

Drummer Patrick Wilson posted the following on his Twitter profile in response to Burns’ offer.

“if they can make it 20, we’ll do the “deluxe breakup”!

Cuomo posted on is Twitter page that no amount of money will break up the band.

“no petition and no amount of money will stop us from being together!”

And while Weezer may have a sense of humor about the whole thing, apparently their hardcore fans don’t.

In a New York Times article today Burns said the backlash for what he deemed as a “silly” campaign has been strong.

In the article Burns is quoted saying:

“I wish more of Weezer’s fans would have the same sense of humor… I’ve actually received death threats over this, believe it or not. Some people have told me they wish I would get AIDS. This whole campaign, I fully admit that it’s silly.”

Apparently Burns still has a way to go before he meets his goal. Perhaps someone should have told him Weezer already has two more albums in the can.


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October 6, 2010 at 6:39 pm

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Weezer unveils Memories Tour Dates

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Weezer is getting nostalgic all of a sudden.

The group is hitting the road for its fall Memories Tour where they will perform the Blue Album and Pinkerton in their entirety. A surprising turn for frontman Rivers Cuomo who is notorious for loathing the Pinkerton Album, which he referred to as hideous and a huge mistake in 2001.

Nonetheless, Cuomo, now 40-years-old, has had a change of heart and Weezer has announced the first two stops for the tour: Los Angeles on Nov. 26 and 27 and San Francisco Nov. 29 and 30.

Each city will get two dates, according to Weezer’s website one Blue Album set plus greatest hits and a Pinkerton setlist with greatest hits. Thus to hear both albums performed live in their entirety you will need to buy two tickets to each show. Having seen Weezer live four times, I strongly recommend attending both shows if they add your city.

The tour comes on the release of Weezer’s 8th album “Hurley” and the group’s third release in three years. Most notable is the band’s departure from major label Geffen, DGC/Interscope for the first time. Turning to Epitaph for the release, there really is no radical change for the band.

“Hurley” named after the clothing company, not Jorge Garcia’s character on Lost who is featured on the album cover.

If anything Weezer shies away from the pop/hip-hop direction it took on “Raditude” and reverts back to its rock roots. “Hurley” has more parallels with the “Blue Album” than it does with the band’s latest efforts.

Notable tracks include: Memories, Trainwrecks, Unspoken and Brave New World.

Perhaps more impressive than the new album is the fact that Cuomo has already finished recording the band’s ninth album titled “Death to False Metal” and are currently in the process of recording their 10th album.

In a recent Q&A with Rolling Stone, Cuomo said he is working two albums ahead and that “Death to False Metal” is a collection of material that was too “either too poppy, too heavy-metal or to weird”  to make it on any of the group’s seven Geffen records.

For their new music video for Memories Weezer teams up with MTV’s Jackass Crew. Jackass releases its new 3D movie on Oct. 15.

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September 25, 2010 at 8:10 am

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DJ Hero features Daft Punk, DJ Shadow and more

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I suppose it was just a matter of time.

I mean Guitar Hero was such a raging hit with the kids, adults and especially the musicians who watched their sagging record sales soar, that MC’’s wanted their slice of the pie.

Thus we have DJ Hero – a delightfully tacky new Freestyle Games creation complete with a faux turntable and tunes from Eminem and Daft Punk.

The premise for the video game, set to hit stores Oct. 27, is akin to its predecessor Guitar Hero and Rock Band where the player takes on the persona of a DJ with a control in the shape of a turntable instead of a guitar or drums.

The turntable is complete with 360 degree rotation and three buttons, two for records and one sample. Then there is a cross fader and effects and “euphoria button.  The player is given the opportunity to “spin” by correlating the three buttons and fader with a predetermined pattern playing during a song on the screen in three separate timelines.

So for the good part – music – the game boasts more than 102 songs and unique mixes. The list is impressive.

DJ Hero just seems like another way to waste time mastering something that is pointless. However DJ Hero skills may actually transfer to real turntables a bit more than Guitar Hero as the game teaches basics of mixing tracks.

And what’s next? Keyboard Hero, Tambourine Hero, Harmonica Hero or even perhaps Accordion Hero?

DJ Hero Artists:

  • 2 Pac
  • 50 Cent
  • 88 Keys
  • Aceyalone
  • Afrika Bambaataa
  • Beastie Boys
  • Beck
  • Bell Biv DeVoe
  • Benny Benassi
  • Billy Squier
  • Black Eyed Peas
  • Blondie
  • Bobby “Blue” Bland
  • Boogie Down Productions
  • Cameo
  • Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers
  • Classics IV
  • Common
  • Connie Price & the Keystones
  • Cut Chemist
  • Cypress Hill
  • D-Code
  • Daft Punk
  • David Axelrod
  • David Bowie
  • David McCallum
  • David Penn
  • David Penn
  • Dizzee Rascal
  • DJ AM
  • DJ Demo
  • DJ Grandmaster Flash
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff
  • DJ Kool
  • DJ Shadow
  • DJ Yoda
  • DJ Z-Trip
  • DJ Z-Trip ft. Murs
  • Eminem
  • Eric B. & Rakim
  • Eric Prydz
  • Evidence
  • Fedde Le Grand
  • Foo Fighters
  • Foreigner
  • Freedom Express
  • Gang Starr
  • Gary Numan
  • Gorillaz
  • Grandmaster Flash
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Hashim
  • Herbie Hancock
  • InDeep
  • Isaac Hayes
  • J. Period
  • JAY-Z
  • Jean Knight
  • Jurassic 5
  • Justice
  • Kid Cudi
  • Kid Sister
  • Kool Moe Dee
  • KRS-1
  • Little Richard
  • LL Cool J
  • M.I.A.
  • Marvin Gaye
  • Masta Ace
  • MC Hammer
  • Mobb Deep
  • Motörhead
  • Murs
  • N.E.R.D.
  • NASA
  • No Doubt
  • Noisia
  • Paul van Dyk
  • Paula Abdul
  • Pharrell
  • Public Enemy
  • Q-Tip
  • Queen
  • Rakaa
  • Reel 2 Real
  • Rick James
  • Rihanna
  • Sandy Rivera
  • Scratch Perverts
  • Shlomo
  • Street Sweeper Social Club
  • Tears for Fears
  • The Alchemist
  • The Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra
  • The Jackson 5
  • The Killers
  • The Mad Stuntman
  • The Trammps
  • Third Eye Blind
  • Tiësto
  • Vanilla Ice
  • Wale
  • Weezer
  • Wild Cherry
  • Young MC
  • Zombies
  • Zakk Wylde

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October 20, 2009 at 5:30 pm

New Weezer album, single

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If there is one thing you’ve got to give Weezer it is that they have quite the work ethic.

If they aren’t out touring the world, they are in the studio putting together the next album.

The band recently announced, via its website, its seventh studio album titled “Raditude” will be released Oct. 27, 2009.

No word on the tracklist yet, however there is a fresh single leaked, titled (“If You’re Wondering if I want you to) I want you to.”

The single will officially be released Aug. 25.

In typical Weezer fashion, the song is composed of a catchy pop-beat with River Cuomo singing “I want you to” over the melodic beats. A fast-paced acrostic guitar riff intros the song and surfaces throughout the three and a half minute song.

Raditude will follow Weezer’s June 2008’s third self-titled album commonly referred to as the Red Album, which featured the hit “Pork and Beans” and a breakthrough for the band “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn).”

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August 18, 2009 at 8:10 pm

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