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Justice vs. Daft Punk

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Daft Punk

On the surface Justice and Daft Punk may seem like they are two electronic bands cut from the same wire. But listen closely, these Frenchmen are anything but brothers in beats.

To really understand the two Parisian dance duos one must look to their roots. Daft Punk is more based in rock beats and guttural bass riffs. Firmly rooted in house dance, Daft Punk upended the British club scene with “Da Funk.”

Enter Justice more than a decade later raised on an entirely different diet of music. Rather than acid house, punk and hip-hop, Justice’s sound is much more pop oriented and sweeter sounding. There is an almost playful whimsical feel to Justice’s trippy tunes.

Just compare Justice’s debut hit,  “D.A.N.C.E.” to Daft Punk’s first major hit with “Da Funk.” The two songs are starkly different and poignantly highlight the fundamental differences between the two groups.



Also, keep in mind Daft Punk is going on two decades of producing quality club hits, while Justice is still reveling in its success from its smash debut Cross.

Needless to say both groups are phenomenal electronica duos braving new sonic ground. With that it is up to you the reader to pick the better band:  


Written by David Young

January 6, 2009 at 4:26 pm

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