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Innerpartysystem shines at Denver’s Marquis Theater

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Eric Young)

Innerpartysystem heats up Denver’s Marquis Theater on a cold December night. (Photo by: Eric Young)

Watching Innerpartysystem live is a multifaceted experience.

Part rock show, part techno rave and part dance party, Innerpartysystem, named after the ruling party in George Orwell ‘s novel 1984, stage presence is huge. 

The Marquis is an intimate venue, and lead singer Patrick Nissley and guitarist Kris Barman made the most of it. Bouncing around the stage from keyboards to synthesizers, the manic group was often drowned out by the spiraling noise and frantic flashing lights.

Jared Piccone kept time on the drums, while Jesse Cronan set the upbeat tempo on his synthesizer. The capacity crowd of all ages flooded the floor literally made the floorboards flex up and down as it jumped in rhythm to the electronic music.

Innerpartysystem’s sound is unique in that it seamlessly manages to mesh industrial rock with electro to create an infused sound unto itself. 

The show spanned the Pennsylvania quartet’s self-titled album with such songs as “Die Tonight Live Forever,” “Heart of Fire,” “Don’t Stop” and “Last Night in Brooklyn.”

However, the boys saved their hit single, “Don’t Stop,” for the big finale. With inflections ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Daft Punk, the show was a massive assault of sight and sound that left fans bobbing their heads as they departed into the cold night.

Denver bands The Pirate Signal and The Epilogues opened the show. While both got the crowd moving, The Epilogues are one of the three finalist bands for 93.3’s Hometown for the Holiday’s which The Fray and Flobots made their bones on in past years.

I was able to chat with lead singer and guitarist Chris Heckman following his whirlwind set, and he seems like a pretty chill guy who likes to rock the Kayne West look with the huge neck scarf.


Written by David Young

December 19, 2008 at 7:40 am

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