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Beastie Boys star-studded short film

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When “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two” came out last month I checked it out not expecting much.

The album had been a long time coming, and their recent work has been subpar at best. Admittedly, I was never a big Beastie Boys fan anyway, so I was pleasantly surprised by this effort.

The rhythm rhymes and beats are a throwback to the classic “License to Ill” and “Hello Nasty.” The sound is the signature Beastie Boys, but it’s hard not to bounce your head to these beats and admire the lyrical juggernauts.

Songs like “Nonstop Disco Powerpack,” “OK” and “Funky Donkey” are enough to bring the Beastie Boys back to the table of relevant rap artists.

Perhaps the icing on the cake here is the 30 minute video that accompanies the album.  The video titled “Fight For Your Right Revisited” features Seth Rogan as Mike D, Elijah Wood as Ad-Rock and Danny McBride as MCA. It is a bit eerie how much the trio resembles the real rappers.

The short film follows the boys through the streets of Brooklyn as they unleash a beer-fueled party that peaks with a dance off with their counterparts from the future played by Will Ferrell, Jack Black and John C. Reilly.

Other cameos include: Will Arnett, Susan Sarandon, Ted Danson, Will Arnett, Rainn Willson, Stanley Tucci, Steve Buscemi , Amy Poehler, Alica Silverstone, Jason Swartzman and Kristen Dunst.

Check it out:


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