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Idlewild “Post Electric Blues”

Perhaps a bit more laid back, “Post Electric Blues” is a simple ride through the rhythm of rock for this  this Scottish rock band.

From squealing electric guitars, piano solos and acoustic guitar these tracks span a range of moods that show some growth for the band that has been together since 1995.

While airing more on the side of pop than previous albums, the group shows a softer side that may turn off some die hard fans but attract new ones.

Key Tracks: Readers & Writers, City Hall and Post Electric

Badly Drawn Boy “It’s What I’m Thinking: Photographing Snowflakes”

A mellow modern album, these songs paint a sureal landscape that envokes a range of emotions.

In typical BDB fashion, this latest collection of songs draws off of a range of instruments and sound effects. comparible to a Beatles sound or some of Beck’s more mellow tracks.

Eerie, airy and melodic, this is just another step in the journey that is BDB. Best not to try to unwrap it so much as just sit back and let it flow over the ears.

Key Tracks: In Safe Hands, I Saw You Walk Away and The Order of Things

Sufjan Stevens “The Age of Adz”

Stevens brings his funky laid back sound back to the masses here with his  first full-length album in five years.

With his melodic acoustic guitar laid over his signature voice, combined with more dramatic tracks that include electric beats that sound almost Wizard of Oz-like the 11-track album is one of his more diverse.

There is enough here to keep Stevens fans preoccupied for another five years. Well, at least until his next EP.

Key Tracks: Futile DevicesAge of AdzVesuvius

Die Antwoord “$0$”

The biggest house hip-hop band to come out of South Africa, uhhh… ever drop their debut here with some crazy beats and even crazier rhymes.

Die Antwoord, already an internet sensation, seems almost a little too far fetched. It feels like a Borat skit where someone is going to pop up and yell gotcha. Except for one thing: these guys are for real and they are real good a what they do.

Unlike anything out there right now, Die trio- including vocalists Die Antwoord and Ninja- compliment each other well. Bouncing beats and fast lyrics off each other the result is a hyper intense rave beats with rapid fire rhymes.

Key Tracks: In Your Face, Enter The Ninja and Beat Boy

Belle and Sebastian “Write About Love”

Following a four-year hiatus, Belle and Sebastian are back with 11 light poppy songs here that are sure to appease fans.

Solid from start to finish the album is well composed. Solid drum beats back light airy piano and guitar along with an array of complimentary vocals that include guests like Norah Jones.

No big surprises here, but a fun listen that requires nothing from the listener except perhaps a blank mind and an open road.

Key Tracks: Come On Sister, I Want The World To Stop and Write About Love


Written by David Young

October 12, 2010 at 5:46 pm

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