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Lil Wayne “I Am Not A Human Being”

Weezy F Baby may still be behind bars at Rikers, but that hasn’t stopped him from dropping a new album online before the Oct. 12 physical release date.

“I Am Not A Human Being” leaves Weezy’s rock and roll phase of “Rebirth” and flashes back to the genius of “Tha Carter III.”

Slick catchy beats combined with Wayne’s signature off the cuff lyrics makes for a solid album. Top tracks I’m Single, What’s Wrong With Them, Right Above It.

Eric Clapton “Clapton”

Eric Clapton drops 14 laid-back bluesy tracks on his latest self-titled album. This is signature Clapton, solid guitar work overlaid with Clapton’s smooth singing.

No major surprises here, but as always Clapton delivers the goods from the ol’ time blues number Rockin’ Chair where Clapton sings for his gin while kicked back in his rocking chair to the more up-tempo That’s No Way To Get Along.

It appears Clapton, like his gin, has mellowed with age.

Jimmy Eat World “Invented”

Jimmy Eat World seems to have found a niche in sugary pop songs that you just can’t shake once their in your head. But their latest effort on “Invented” is amazing.

The band seems to have really stepped to another level here. They still retain their signature sound, but the lyrics and composition of songs is a bit more complex and hits you on a deeper level than just humming along.

Top tracks: Heart is Hard to Find, Higher Devotion, Coffee and Cigarettes and Mixtape. There is also a bonus track version that includes an acoustic version of Coffee and Cigarettes that is worth a listen.

Soundgarden “Telephantasm”

A blast from the past, Soundgarden drops a double disc here a mix of early material, live tracks and hits.

Aside from the usual suspects here: My Wave, Spoonman and Blackhole Sun there are some hidden gems on here such as Jesus Christ Pose live in Sturgis, South Dakota recorded in 1993 and Blow Up the Outside World (MTV Live N’ Loud).

A lot of the tracks are heavier and more metal-based than the more radio-friendly hits that Soundgarden is best known for.

Ben Folds “Lonely Avenue”

Ben Folds, frontman of Ben Folds Five, teams up with English author Nick Hornsby, author of “About a Boy” and “High Fidelity,” here to create a beautifully low-key album.

Folds doesn’t lose his sense of humor on this album, seen in songs such as Rockin’ the Suburbs. On the intro track A Working Day Folds sings “Some guy on the net thinks I suck and he should know he’s got his own blog.”

A bit of a departure from his previous stuff, “Lonely Avenue” is an interesting shift that may take a listen or two before it settles. Top tracks: Your Dogs, Practical Amanda and Password.


Written by David Young

September 28, 2010 at 4:48 pm

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