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Ki:Theory offers free new album download

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You can’t beat free.

Wednesday I was watching the trailer for “The Road” by Brandon Gust, which featured the song “The Smallest Piece” by Ki:Theory as the soundtrack.

Liking the song I instantly Googled the band and found their respective webpage page. There I was prompted to enter my e-mail address for a free download, which I did.

I anticipated getting one track, so I was surprised when I opened the download to find the entire “Arms For Legs (Autumn Edition)” album. I immediately cued it up and listened to what is a great progressive album.

Ki:Theory can be describe as an ambient melodic band that composes such harmonious songs that you can’t help but hum along to.

From the band’s blog:

“Ki:Theory (a.k.a. Joel Burleson) lives in Richmond, VA by choice. He makes glitchy cut-n-paste songs and sings along to them. He did not go to school for this. He and his band (Ash Bruce) have toured nationwide US, Japan and Korea. He’s done remixes for Ladytron, UNKLE, Sasha, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Brazilian Girls. He continues to make music that he likes to hear in hopes of creating something that others might like to hear.”

Check them out for yourself here.


Written by David Young

November 12, 2009 at 6:19 pm

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