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Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg streaming now

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Cosmic Egg

When the Australian hard-rock trio Wolfmother released its debut in 2006 it was like a vision of Led Zeppelin reincarnate.

There are sessions on that album where I have to remind myself I’m not listening to Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. The point being: these guys rock hard.

So when two of the group’s founding members departed citing creative differences, it seemed like this month’s follow up album – Cosmic Egg – had the potential to fall short.

Singer Andrew Stockdale, the sole member of the original group remaining, crafted a new band in the same image as the original delivering a blistering array of hard rock tracks.

The band has unveiled the album, streaming in full on its MySpace Page, and not only does the album bring the heavy 70’s rock vibe it created on its self-titled debut, but Wolfmother expands upon the thick metal bass driven beats.

Stockdale takes a page from Robert Plant’s vocals and detours into an mix of hard and fast songs combined with a few bluesy and slower songs such as “Far Away”

The first single “New Moon Rising” is already making its way onto the airwaves and is the signature sound associated with Wolf Mother. The music video for the song features the band performing with a Kaleidoscope of visual effects. The live shots are combined with animated color sequences creating a trippy 70’s-style show.

The album hits stores Oct. 27, but check it out streaming here.


1 California Queen
2 New Moon Rising
3 White Feather
4 Sundial
5 In the Morning
6 10,000 Feet
7 Cosmic Egg
8 Far Away
9 Pilgrim
10 In the Castle
11 Phoenix
12 Violence of the Sun


Written by David Young

October 18, 2009 at 12:35 pm

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