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Napster offers all the music you can listen to plus downloads

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Napster logo

Napster logo

Napster has unveiled a new subscription music service that is quite possibly the best deal out there.

Paying for access to streaming unlimited music is nothing new; however Napster has taken it to a new level with a $5 deal.

For the new low price listeners not only get unlimited access to streaming music on the site, but five downloads a month. That equates to 60 songs a year for $60.

For anyone who routinely pays for at least five downloads a month the offer is really a no-brainer because in addition to the songs you now have unlimited access to millions of songs.

The two main appeals to this offer are its cheap, and you get downloads every month.

Napster, which got its start as an illegal download site, is all grown up and legitimate as it was bought by Best Buy last year.

The comprehensive site offers new releases, staff picks, playlists, radio stations and extensive search options.

Compared to Rhapsody and iTunes it is the best combination of downloads and streaming songs on the market right now.

Bravo Napster, Bravo.

Get to listening now at Napster.


Written by David Young

May 22, 2009 at 3:48 pm

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