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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Blitz new album

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "It's Blitz"

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been making the rounds this past week promoting their latest release It’s Blitz!

I finally got around to listening to the album that dropped last month, and am floored by what may actually be better than Show Your Bones, the trios’ previous effort that was sublime.

Karen O, lead singer, has perfected her voice on this album. Her signature squeal laid against the undercurrent of bass and reverb synth is the perfect balance that made such hits as “Gold Lion” and “Phenomena.”

On this, their third album, YYY seem to capture all the best attributes of their previous efforts, bottle it, shake it violently and uncork them on the lucky listener.

The album begins with its first single, “Zero,” a great base to build on filled with a synth riff that heralds a raucous ignition.

The drumbeat transports the song through a subtle base ride that builds relentlessly without ease. The song signifys a full on audio assault that is only appropriate considering the album’s name.

From there the sound only proceeds to build from such a start capitalizing on “Heads Will Roll” and “Soft Shock,” two faster tempo songs, before diving headlong into “Skeletons.”

“Skeletons” features clanking drum sticks, as if emulating bones jangling together, before levitating into an eerily muted tune that sounds almost hymn-like. The departure for the band rounds out with a gusty wind movement as O’s haunting voice fades.

From there the band slides into a comfortable pace as O, Brian Chase and Nick Zinner proceed to build an album less based in guitar riffs and more stemming from electronic beats. It is similar, although not as extreme, as Bloc Party’s Intimate move towards dance infused rock.

While unexpected, the album shows growth in all the right directions. YYY is coming into its own on this album, aware of its strengths and capitalizing on them.

It’s Blitz! Is just that, an assault on the senses that leaves the listener asking for more. Expect to see great things from this band.








Written by David Young

April 19, 2009 at 2:22 pm

Posted in Album Review, Music

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