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These Arms Are Snakes destroy Denver’s Marquis Theater

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dsc00286There are concerts, and then there are shows that leave the audience gasping for breath and wondering what just happened.

These Arms Are Snakes fall into the latter category.

The Seattle post-hardcore group left it all on stage, including plenty of bodily fluids, Sunday night at the Marquis Theatre in Denver.

Touring on their recent album Tail Swallower and Dove, the group brought a whirlwind of rage and fury to the stage from the word go. Lead singer Steve Snere, formerly of Kill Sadie, proceeded to thrash about the stage, climbing amplifiers and swinging from stage lights as he sporadically shed clothing.

On their second song of the set Snere was roving through the audience on an audience member’s shoulders screeching like a banshee.

The frenetic pace of the show, which sent the crowd into a violent mosh pit, matches the new albums pace, which is much faster and harder than TAAS former material.

Highlights of the short set included the band’s new single “Red Light Season,” and the classic “Angela’s Secret” 2004’s Oxeneers or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home.


These Arms Are Snakes lead singer Steve Snere

The crescendo of the night came when Snere plunged headfirst into the crowd smashing a glass beer bottle with his bare hands that drew blood. With a confused dazed look on his face Snere smeared the blood all over his chest.

By the end of the night Snere looked like he had been through a violent street fight, which is a pretty good description of what it feels like to watch a TAAS show.

Git Some, All The Saints and Darker My Love opened for TAAS and could have cut all their sets short to give TAAS more stage time.

With no encore, the only drawback to the show was that there wasn’t more of it.







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February 23, 2009 at 7:05 pm

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The obligatory Grammy blog

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grammy_logoSunday was the 51st annual Grammy’s, and while I watched some of the sluggish show,  I admittedly couldn’t bring myself to sit through the entire thing.

And while majority of the show was pretty lame, there were some high points that are worth noting

Radiohead’s performance of “15 step” with the University of Southern California marching band was great. It was the first time Radiohead performed at the Grammys. Even though Radiohead’s album In Rainbows was released in 2007, it was up for album of the year and unfortunately lost to Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Raising Sand.

Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and Sir Paul McCartney performed “Saw her standing there.” According to reports, the Foo Fighters may be getting back into the studio to work on its next album as early as this summer.

Then there was Blink 182’s announcement that they are getting back together. Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, who was severely injured in a plane crash in September 2007, appeared with his left arm in a sling.

Blink 182’s website confirmed their reunion, and the band’s twitter feed reads, “Hi. We’re blink-182. To put it simply, We’re back. We mean, really back. Friendships reformed. Summer 2009.”

The trio has taken quite different paths over the past four years since the band broke up.  Boxcar racer, Angels & Airwaves, The Aquabats, +44 and The Transplants all were graced by Blink members.

Will Blink’s yet to be named 6th studio album be worth the listen? Perhaps, but the band really hit its peak with Dude Ranch released more than a decade ago.

All in all, the Grammys are an overproduced charade that fails really delve into the music business. The really progressive artists aren’t even on the Grammys radar. Plant hit the nail on the head when he said, “In the old days we would have called this selling out.” 

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February 12, 2009 at 8:06 pm

Muxtape relaunches with new test site

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muxtape1Muxtape is back up and running in its new format.

The website, initially conceived to allow users to upload music mixes to share with other users, was shut down for the past few months due to legal issues. A lengthy letter appeared on the site towards the end of last year explaining issues with record companies and the RIAA.

The site’s creator, Justin Oullette, decided to take the site in a new direction focusing on bands that are willing to showcase their work on the site.

The new site, still in its test phase, features 12 bands. The site maintains its clean colorful appearance and lists bands such as: Francis and the Lights, Cexman and Dan Deacon.

Along with a few songs includes a link to full page that includes concert dates, concert dates, music videos and links.

Users will still be able to create mixes of their favorite artists, according to the site. Eventually the site will open up to bands who want to sign up for free.

While nowhere near as versatile and vast as the original site, the new shows some serious promise. It looks to serve the site’s core purpose of serving to bring new and undiscovered music to listeners around the globe.

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February 9, 2009 at 7:13 pm

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Offspring frontman loves the sauce

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How can one tell when a punk band is no longer relevant? One sign could be when its frontman comes out with a line of hot sauce.

The Offspring have long been labeled sellouts dating back to their breakout album Smash. And last year’s unambitious Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace did nothing to restore the band to its Ignition days.

However, a blog post on the L.A. Times’ website reports that Offspring lead singer and guitarist Dexter Holland has developed a brand of hot sauce called Gringo Bandito, which is being sold throughout Southern California and Las Vegas.  

While Holland, who is a pilot and USC graduate, isn’t your typical rock star, I can’t see Sid Vicious shilling hot sauce.

There are a lot of musicians out there who throw their names behind some product, such as Kid Rock’s beer and cigars, Britney Spears perfume and Willie Nelson’s bourbon. All of these seem somewhat appropriate.

I trust that ol’ Willie knows his Whiskey, but when it comes to dousing my burritos in hot sauce I don’t want the guy who sang LAPD staring back at me from the bottle.

But wait, the Aquabats love it so it must be good.

On Holland’s website,, under “testimonials” the Aquabats are quoted as saying, “Gringo Bandito drops more mad flavor than Flavor Flav.”

Well I’m sold. 

Perhaps if Holland, who the blog describes as a “renaissance man” (a word never to be associated with anything punk rock), should focus on learning some new power chords and leave the hot sauces to Alice Cooper.  

Regarding music news, The Offspring just released its music video for its song “Kristy are you doing okay?” from Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace.

The video features Holland playing an acoustic guitar and cuts between images of notes on a wall and a girl, presumably “Kristy,” in high school. Green Day has done this sort of thing already, and it did it much better.









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February 2, 2009 at 6:22 pm

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