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NYC Taxi

A 20-year old California college student touring New York City with a bum credit card was forced to pay her cab fare with an iPod nano, according to MSNBC.

According to reports, Natalie Lenhart took a cab from Manhattan to JFK airport, but when she tried to pay the $59 fare her credit card was rejected. So instead of running, like 95 percent of Americans would do, Lenhart faced officers at the airport who made her hand over her iPod nano, packed full of oldies such as James Taylor, valued at $140.  

What kind of communist cop makes you pay a bill with personal property that is nearly twice as much as the debt? It sounds like some sort of gypsy cab scam that an American tourist would encounter in Eastern Europe.

When James Taylor read the story in the New York Post he was pretty peeved. So upset, in fact, that he decided to send Lehart a new iPod filled with his music.

A New Yorker “Would never have put up with it,” Taylor told the Post.

A true New Yorker would have had a few choice words for the driver and the cops I would imagine.

The cab driver has offered to return the iPod if the fare is paid.








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January 29, 2009 at 5:51 pm

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