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Gorillaz premier demos for upcoming album

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All things considered, ‘D-Sides’ was a good album. It was like a dinner mint after a really good steak dinner, the steak dinner being ‘Demon Days.’

And while sweet and palatable, ‘D-Sides’ wasn’t enough to tide over Gorillaz fans.  Good news is that Damon Albarn and crew are getting down to it and starting work on their third full length album.

This is evident by the demos Albarn and Jamie Hewlett debuted on BBC Radio 1 this week. The three songs were Electric Shock, Broken and Stylo/Binge.  

While rough cuts, all three are signature Gorillaz and sound very promising.

Broken is filled with howling echoing noises soaring over steady beats. Albarn’s spacey voice floats over the music singing “It’s broken.”  

Perhaps the most daring and insightful song is Electric Shock. The sporadic song features Wulitzer organs and Arabic rhythms, which Albarn has been dabbling with. It has heavy influences from Albarn’s opera with shifting tone and moods. Midway through Noodle comes onto the track with Noodle yelling, “That’s electric shock.”

While working on songs for the album for several months now, the group plans to begin recording the in Syria this March.

Hopefully this won’t interfere with Blur’s planed reunion in London’s Hyde Park on July 3rd.

Electric Shock:





Written by David Young

January 18, 2009 at 10:16 am

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  1. Awesome post man. Broken is the real stand out to me. The whistling at the start is straight spaghetti western. Electric shock still sounds very unpolished. Stylo/Binge will probably be pretty hot too, when it’s polished, as it stands, it gives me a helluva headache, hah. I need to hear some more hip hop rhythm tho.

    Jack Lhasa

    January 18, 2009 at 1:23 pm

  2. […] Gorillaz premier demos for upcoming album January 2009 1 comment 4 […]

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