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The Black Ghosts Album Hauntingly Good

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black-ghostsAnything Damon Albarn touches seems to turn to gold. Gold records that is.

That being said, when listening to The Black Ghosts for the first time a week ago, I had no idea Albarn was on a track and was thoroughly impressed by it.

The Black Ghosts are the a recent punk/electronic duo to emerge from the United Kingdom, and the fact that they have Blur/Gorillaz frontman making a cameo on the track “Repetition Kills You” says volumes.

Theo Keating and Simon Lord, formerly of Simian, comprise the band that traverses a wide range of musical tastes on their self-titled debut.

“Repetition Kills You,” is by far the catchiest song on the album filled with a poppy chorus and grand synthesizer beats. Other songs, such as “It’s Your Touch” and “Anyway You Choose To Give It,” are much more dance oriented and fall in line with the techno genre.

The there are songs on the EP like “Some Way Through This” and “Full Moon” that exhibit the guitar skills and song writing capabilities.    

In an interview with Lord described “Some Way Through This” as a “bombastic modern torch song” saying it deals with love in a passionate psychotic way. He noted the album was meant to have a different feel as listeners make their way through it.

“We want it to be like an emotional roller coaster. There are all sorts of moods atmospheres on the album, we’re not a one trick pony, we’re a thorough-bred race horse capable of a full range of emotion a bit like Mr. Ed… though it must be said that we don’t ashy away from the dark side,” Lord said in the interview.

Despite a self-proclaimed affinity for the macabre and somewhat dark theme, the album is full of enough energy to rattle anybody’s bones.


Written by David Young

January 17, 2009 at 3:39 pm

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